• Lack of progression
  • Poor Work Life Balance
  • Minimal recognition and reward for your efforts

External promotion and career progression – including Senior Consultant to Associate Director within 6 months of joining, and immediate progression from Associate Director to Director, and in to new leadership roles

Personal Development in terms of new areas, skills and organisations – including broadening from HEOR in to Access and Pricing

Mapping your career in stepping stones to allow you to achieve your ultimate career goal


Further staff loss through overworked, understaffed teams through finding and securing new hires to join the team in a timely manner

For Consulting firms, Client and revenue loss through stacked projects, preventing Competitors picking up business that you are unable to deliver on in a timely manner

For Pharma and Med Tech, preventing launch delays through identification and securing of both permanent and freelance / interim support across Europe and the World to generate evidence, obtain approval and launch the products


Ensuring successful approval, launch and commercial reimbursement of products through placing  experienced hires in to Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device organisations – including enabling the successful launch of multiple orphan (and other therapy area) drugs and medical devices through staff Evidencia have placed.

Upskilling existing teams through identifying and securing people with new skills and insights to share – including bringing Real World Evidence experience in to a HEOR Team, which was then shared across the function

Allowing Consultancy companies to grow through the securing of Consultancy experienced key people who can provide additional leadership and secure further revenues through their existing relationships and experience. This includes enabling Clients to double in size within 2 years, and increase revenues by up to £12 million per year.